Pay for a signed copy before an event

When I speak at events, copies of How Asia Works are usually available for purchase at the event and I will sign them.

It is difficult, however, to get books to some events, particularly in China. If you want to be certain of receiving a signed book at an event in China — or in any other state that heavily restricts freedom of information — you can pay British Pounds15 via Paypal and one way or another we will get you the book.

Click on the tiger’s head to pay via a Paypal account or a credit or debit card. Pay multiples of Pounds15 depending on how many books you want (don’t worry that the quantity button is fixed at 1). In the course of paying, you will see a link labelled ‘Add special instructions to the seller’. Use this to indicate which event you will be attending.

You need to pay at least one week before an event to be sure of getting a book. Any problems, use the Comments function to send me a message (it will not be posted; I have to hit a button for that to happen).

How Asia Works tigers head


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