East coast US

Here are a first few links to lots of media stuff I did last week in the United States. I believe the book is officially available in north America from today. Certainly you can buy it on Amazon.com now, which many people were emailing to say was not possible in recent weeks.

Bloomberg TV. About 10 mins.

Bloomberg Radio. About 16 mins.

Florida Radio. A little bit more on US historical involvement in east Asia. About 21 minutes. Not sure this link is permanent — you have to click through to ’06/28/13 Joe Studwell’ — but it is working today.

Michigan Radio. 10 mins. This guy’s studied ignorance early on gets me just about irritated enough to focus down on some important points, in less than 10 mins.

Coming soon

This is the official site for the launch of How Asia Works, Joe Studwell’s latest book.

The official press date (which determines when reviews are published) is April 4.

As of March 20, I have been told that books have already appeared in bookshops in Hong Kong.

More news will follow shortly.

In the meantime, here is the UK, Commonwealth and Asia cover from Profile Books:

How Asia Works UK cover Jpeg

And here is the north American cover from Grove/Atlantic:

How Asia Works US cover Jpeg

Anyone wanting to buy 10+ signed (!) copies of the Profile edition can contact me directly. But since there are not yet any reviews, it is a bit of a risk. You only have my word that this book is the most interesting thing that I have written…