Joe Studwell

How Asia Works is my third book and was published in English in 2013. As of late 2014, there are long-form (from Taiwan) and short-form (CITIC Publishing, Beijing) Chinese translations of the book, with more translations under way.

My two previous books are Asian Godfathers (2007, about developmental failure in south-east Asia) and The China Dream (2003, about the 1990s foreign investment gold rush in China). Both remain in print and Asian Godfathers sold a gratifying 15,000 copies in 2012, more than five years after publication.

I maintain a personal blog at on the theme of ‘development’ in East Asia, Britain, Italy and the United States.

We recently relocated to Cambridge in the UK after 10 years based in Italy. If you would like to buy a beautiful country home in Italy, a spectacular nearby site with planning permission, or a very nice apartment with roof terrace in one of Umbria’s most attractive towns, take a look at this site. Sadly, changing needs and our desire for our kids to attend English secondary schools mean that we must sell two of these three properties.

1 thought on “Joe Studwell

  1. Thank you for your book ‘How Asia Works’. As a returning undergraduate student, I recently wrote a rhetoric analysis on an article written by William N Holden about neoliberal mining in the Philippines with respect to the local people’s vulnerability to drought(2012). I am now faced with the challenge of writing a researched argument using (among others) this article as a source. Your book has been very inspiring ad informative, and has re-sparked the desire in me to study economics with particular focus on developing nations and land economics. Thanks again.

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